Immersive escape experience

Door Z is a collection of live escape-the-room quests located in the heart of Minsk. You have 60 minutes to explore the game world, solve various puzzles of different type and difficulty, complete a mission and escape the room. Our games are a mix of cutting-edge technology, mysterious art objects and unique design.




  • Number of players
  • 2 - 5
  • Suggested - 4
  • Difficulty

About the game

During the tour in the Exclusion Zone you lost contact with two of your friends. Trying to find them you were introduced to a stalker. He is positive that your friends are held in a military centre for radiation research. He warns you that it may be crowded out there - but what kind of crowds does he mean?


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About Us

We are experts in escape-the-room quests. Prior to setting up Door Z in Minsk, Belarus, we travelled the world and experienced hundreds of escape games looking for features that create a great game. We are not a franchise and we do not copy existing quests. The scenarios, settings, designs and missions in our games are our original work.

Room design, ambient sound, and the scenario of the story all contribute to creating a very special experience. The room that you have to escape in 60 minutes is as realistic as possible. State-of-the-art technology will immerse you into a whole new world. We combed flea markets in several countries to find the artifacts you are about to discover… or even created them from scratch ourselves. Game sounds were created by professional sound designers. The scenario of every quest will make you laugh, will make you nervous and you will have to think very-very hard!




Your team will be placed in a special room, where you will have one hour to complete a certain mission by solving a series of puzzles based on logic, attentiveness and teamwork. If the mission is not accomplished in one hour, the game master will open the door and stop the game.
To create a realistic atmosphere the doors are locked but players can ask the game master to open them at any moment; the game master will be watching you during the entire duration of the game.
No. There are no complex rules in Door Z quests. You will not need any special knowledge or expertise. Attentiveness and teamwork is all you need.
Not at all. You can play the English version if you like.
Monaco Heist is as difficult as a real-life heist, success ratio is less than 50%. The Matrix and Summer of '44 are both of medium difficulty level. The Matrix involves solving of many tech and logical puzzles whereas the puzzles in the Summer of '44 are mostly mechanical or based on hidden objects - with lots of surprises though! And if you dare to play the House on the outskirts, it's not about the difficulty anymore.
The game master will be watching you via CCTV and you can ask for hints as many times as you like.
Dress comfortably. Your dress should not restrain your movements.
There is no need to prepare. Just bring your positive attitude along and expect a great adventure. We don't recommend drinking alcohol before the game and reserve the right to deny admittance if we think that you had too much.
No, there is no need to break anything. If you need to do something with an object, the manipulation is easy — there is no need to deform anything. If you think you need to use force then you're probably not doing it right.
You can't take any gadgets into the game so you can't google the answers. All personal items are safely stored by the game master.
We’re afraid it’s not allowed to take pictures inside the quest room. But we will help you take a picture of your team after the game.
Teams of 2 to 4 people are allowed, but The Matrix will be best just for two players.
You can play Door Z once you turn 14. If you're under 14 but over 8 you're welcome too, but you need an adult to accompany you.
One game for 2 players is 50 Belarusian rubles, 3 players — 70, 4 players — 90.
You can pay by credit/debit card or by cash — it's up to you.
Best if you turn up 10 minutes before the game starts. This way you will have enough time to learn all the instructions, have a cup of tea and relax before the game.
Sure thing! This would be not just an unusual way to have a good time, but also a new experience to unite your team.
Of course, you can! Door Z gift certificates are wrapped in designer paper and are tied with a pretty ribbon.


We would be happy to share our ideas and to open Door Z in other cities in Belarus and around the world. Drop us a line and we’ll discuss cooperation options.

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